Our passion is service, our path is rules.

Our company provides the coordination of cooperation between physical workspaces and the people working in them and the established organizations, including the principles of business and business management, construction and architecture, behavioral and engineering sciences.

Compliance with condominium laws, management and supervision, management plan writing, financial affairs and finance management, energy management, personnel training and supervision services, legal services and the smooth execution of this process, technical and support services.

Basic facility services that should have:
» Electrical Systems,
» Mechanical Systems,
» Automation Systems,
» Weak Current Systems,
» Fire Detection Systems,
» Closed Circuit Camera Systems,
» Natural Gas Boilers,
» Air Conditioning VRV-VRF Systems,
» Creating Annual Periodic Maintenance Contract analysis and maintenance specifications,
» Pool maintenance conditioning and mechanical systems,
» Closed-circuit heating and cooling systems,
» Chiller cooling groups
» AHU Power Plants,
» Creating digital (NFC) field control systems on a project basis,
» Providing personnel technical and administrative training,
» Maintenance of heat stations (Sub Station ),
» Project-based applications of heat sharing and billing systems,
» Reporting and applications related to energy efficiency,
» Tech-mobile ( 24/7 Technical Support) Services,

The listed services are evaluated by our Engineering Department with the infrastructure and superstructure of the project, and a special maintenance model and revision calendars are created for the project.

We create added value to facilities and services with our professional staff and equipment.