Our passion is service, our path is rules.

ABOUT US 2002, we took strong steps forward on the road we set out on with excitement. We have taken our place among the leading companies of the sectors in Professional Facility Management, Private Security Services, Shopping Mall Management, Warehouse and Logistics Management, HR and Payroll services.

We increased productivity to boost our competitiveness: We developed and implemented different ideas. Under the roof of our understanding that does not compromise on quality, we have increased our responsibility and aimed to serve with zero tolerance. We followed the practices and techniques abroad.

We are aware that success is to be able to continuously "create value", and that this is achieved by doing the job right and by structuring to ensure continuity.

634 KMK, 4857 labor law, 5188 security law, 6131 labor legislation, we are happy to help you as a group that emphasizes values as well as providing services.